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About Beacon Concepts


Beacon Concepts was established in 2009 for the distribution of lighting, design, simulation and analysis software to small, medium and large companies focused on bring the best and most accurate lighting products to market.  Initially Beacon Concepts was distributing the LucidShape family of products in North America, Central America and South America.

In October of 2016, Beacon Concepts became the exclusive distributor of the RSoft Products for Synopsys in North America.

In November of 2018, Beacon Concepts became the exclusive distributor of Light Tec's scatter measurement instruments and contract measurement services.


Beacon Concepts understands its clients’ marketplace and how competitive they must be in their product designs. Beacon Concepts will sell them the best set of tools to allow them to create the best and most accurate products.





Barbara Calt has over 25 years experience in the sales and marketing of software and networking products. She has experience across all market segments. Barbara held senior management sales positions for  11 years with a small software developer of optical and illumination analysis software prior to starting Beacon Concepts in 2009.

Barbara established Beacon Concepts for the exclusive distribution of illumination, design and analysis products.  And now expanding into the distribution of Scatter Instruments and Measurement for these markets.